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Nate: All day, Andrew has been calling us sellouts, and we don't understand why.
Interviewer: Why is that?
Jack: Cause he's from Detroit and owns land somewhere where people don't live.
Interviewer: Like a house for 20 grand?
Jack: Yeah. He's like Bon Iver before Bon Iver.
"My brother changed his name to this cute boy’s and texted me saying he was in town. I was in bed, but I gave myself this pep talk saying, “I’m young, I should totally get up and meet this guy.” So I took a shower and everything, and then I found out it was my brother. It was the worst kind of confusion. I cried but then I laughed because, come on, it was brilliant. So for revenge I put up a bunch of ads for all kinds of things on the Internet with his number on it, so he was getting calls from total perverts—and people genuinely in the market for a shiny red bike."
Rachel Antonoff  (via frenchfunatic)


there should be a reality show where they put teenage band bloggers and band members in a house for a month and see what happens.

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ladies and gentlemen this has been the 4th of july with fun.

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(photos by Mike Buffington) 

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The under drawing for a painting of fun.